Plymouth  Selectboard  Meeting  Minutes

Monday, October 7, 2013

6:00 PM



Members;  Ralph Michael, Chair; Andy Crossman, Russ Tonkin


Others:  Carol and Joe Coyne, Virginia Dean, Bob Ennis, Pat and Bob Lambert, Barbara Rabtoy, Joe Rebideau, Jennifer Runnette, and Sandie Small


Ralph called the Meeting to order at 6:00 pm.


·         There were no changes to the Agenda.


·         The Minutes from the Meeting of September 23, 2013, were reviewed and approved; Andy motioned to approve, Russ seconded; so voted.  The Minutes from the Special Hearing of September 23, 2013, regarding Frog City Road were reviewed and approved; Andy motioned to approve, Russ seconded; so voted.  The Minutes from the Special Meeting of September 27, 2013, regarding demolition bids were reviewed and approved; Russ motioned to approve, Andy seconded; so voted.


·         Discussion about throwing up Frog City Road followed.  Russ indicated that he was not in favor of throwing up any road in Town; we do have the right to use this as a trail; we need to represent the feelings of the people in the Town; and property owners have the right to restrict the use of their own property.  Andy agreed with Russ.  Ralph stated that we cannot at the present time downgrade the road to a trail as the petition was only to throw it up.  Andy motioned that the SB not throw up that portion of Frog City Road; Russ seconded; so voted.  Jennifer Runnette asked if she could appeal this decision;  Russ indicated she could obtain an attorney and sue the Town stating this section was not a road; or she could have an Article presented to the Town for a vote at the Town Meeting.


·         Discussion about the purchase of the new truck followed.  Ralph indicated that Chris of Kenworth did not yet have all the information to us and that Larry was following up  on this.  The truck was still in the process of being completed, and the worst case scenario was that the Town would acquire the truck at the beginning of the new year.   The price and rate would remain the same.


·         Barbara presented the SB with a Sheriff’s report for the months of July and August and part of September; the figures were:  July cost $10,7000 – receipts $7,000; August cost $8,200 –receipts $3,600; September cost $10,000 – receipts have not yet been presented.  Because of the increase in hours (4 to 6 hours daily, and patrolling all the Plymouth roads at least once a week), the cost for the Sheriff has increased, while said increase was not offset completely by revenue from tickets.  Ralph indicated that this will probably change during the winter/ski season months, when revenue might increase.  The SB asked Barbara to obtain a list of the type of calls the Sheriff provided the Town during this period.  Virginia Dean asked what else the Town was looking for and Russ indicated that safety was a concern, such as home break-ins.


·         The expenditures for the first quarter were discussed.  Ralph indicated that approximately 16 – 17 percent had  been spent during the first quarter.  Russ questioned the amount expended for VT solid waste (32%); Ralph indicated that $200,000 in the checking account was earmarked for other items;  other items included that the school tax is due in December (Barbara will check with the State the amount due), and the sand shed is full, but the salt purchase is coming up in a few months.  Ralph indicated that the SB needs to start thinking soon of the upcoming budget.


·         Excess weight permits were approved and signed:  Douglas Edwards Timber Harvesting; Arthur Lynds, Able Waste Management; Perras Brothers; and J. B. Webster Construction.  Andy motioned to approved said permits, Russ seconded; so voted.


·         Warrants were approved and signed.


·         Mail was reviewed and tended to.


·         Other Business:


          Jennifer Runnette requested an ordinance on noise and pollution; she said this had been recommended by Two Rivers;  Ralph indicated it would have to go through the Planning Committee who would need to adopt a plan (the SB could not pass such an ordinance); Russ stated it could be voted on at a Town Meeting as an Article.


          A letter was presented from Art Lynds, Able Waste Management, in connection with the demolition bids; he felt that the other bids were not valid.  Bob Ennis presented a draft contract for Mosher; it will be reviewed by the SB, but Ralph indicated that Bob Ennis can go ahead with the contractor process.  The SB stated that the three purchased properties now  belong to the Town; said properties can never  be built upon, nor sold to any individual, but could be conveyed to a conservation agency.  Ralph asked about subcontractors (they need to be approved by the SB) and their responsibilities; Bob Ennis stated that these regulations were in the RFP and now a part of the draft contract.  Bob also stated that all records are kept by the contractors for three years.  Bob indicated that the contract can be approved by the Town, or the SB Chair, or an administrator.  The Town also needs to sign any applications for permits; Todd Menees will work with Mosher; it is Mosher’s responsibility to secure said permits.  Ralph stated that he felt the SB had been correct in selecting the lowest bid; Bob Ennis indicated that the lowest responsible bidder needed to be chosen, and that nothing material in said bid was omitted.  In the contract, the bottom bid of $126,470 was noted as it was assumed that Mosher would use a river crossing; however, the additional asbestos that was found will need to be tended to.  The KAS report on asbestos is to be forthcoming.  As for the letter from Able Waste Management, Russ stated that the bids were in line with the intent of RFP, the material information was cited; Ralph indicated that any omitted items did not affect the work to be done.


          The subject of employee health insurance was discussed; the SB decided to fund 100 percent of the Platinum Plan premium, but no reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.  Russ motioned to fund as stated above; Ralph seconded; so voted.  The SB requested that the Town sign up as soon as possible so that a code can be assigned and the funds can be noted.


           The Personnel Policy needs to be reviewed; it is slated for a November meeting.


          The bidding policy should be re-written; Russ will bring his draft to a meeting for review.


          Ralph continues to work on the alternate project.


          Ralph will call Wright regarding prices for a new roof; an insulation membrane was suggested to preserve the loss of heat.  It was suggested that Efficiency Vermont be contacted in connection with an energy audit; Ralph wondered if there were a grant available for any energy audit.


          Russ requested that the SB consider waiting for his return for a vote on the fence/gate across Library Trail.



Andy motioned to adjourn the Meeting; Russ seconded; so voted.  The Meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm.



Draft written  by Sandie Small




Ralph Michael, Chair



Andy Crossman



Russ Tonkin



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